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i was reading a list of pancake flavors at this restaurant and one was buttermilk chocochip and i read it as benedict cumberbatch

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The only person you have in this world is god

30 Day Grey’s Anatomy Challenge: Day 2 - Favourite Female Character                                                                                                                

My favourite female character is Meredith. I feel like such a bore because she is the main person and everyone likes her! But anyway, I love her so much, she’s my inspiration. I love how real her situations are like with her  mother and her friendship with Cristina. & I love how she grew from being an unsure intern into a grown woman who is intelligent and beautiful. She is a great mother and speaks so many words of wisdom. I take something away from her every time I watch the show. Love you mer

This is SO good, I love how he just gives in at the end :-)

30 Day Grey’s Anatomy Challenge: Day 1 - Favourite Male Character  

My favourite male character is Derek. I’ve loved him since the beginning! I love how he is so charming and arrogant but soft and kind at the same time, I also like how he’s blossomed through the seasons and become this amazingly wonderful person! I loved how he forgave Mark after everything he had done to him & I think it’s so cute how protective he is over his sisters! The show would be nothing without him, he’s the best!